It is easy to get frustrated while others are making great progress in less time, but it is critical to keep in mind all the factors that come into play when pursuing your health and fitness goals. Trust me if the process to getting lean was linear, we’d all be walking around 10% body fat.

These factors include:
A) Compliance-Be HONEST with yourself. How compliant have you been with your nutritional choices? How much adherence have you had into your program?

B) Your Metabolism-Nobody can else have your exact fingerprint right? Keep in mind your hormones, health history, lifestyle (stress/sleep), genetics, etc have a direct impact.

Although you cannot control you the rate of progress, you CAN control your adherence and your commitment to yourself.

Consider your program and it’s specificity to you. Just because it works for “the coach” and “the neighbor” doesn’t mean it’s designed for you. When you take on ANY programming be sure it is outcome based behavior you are able to sustain over the long term. Cause I’m quite sure eating chicken, brown rice, and broccoli 5x day for the rest of your life isn’t sustainable. The more aggressive the approach, the harder it is to sustain.

Keep in mind to start with outcome based habits. Begin with habits that are essentially going to help you achieve your goal.

Is it your lack of consistent sleep? Just like we set an alarm to get up in the morning, set an alarm to start preparing your body to go to sleep. Often times we have every intention to sleep earlier to ensure we are getting more rest and then end up in bed “wired and tired.”  Write down your compliance and once you have achieved an 80% compliance score, you are now ready to add another habit.

Keep your action item simple. Start with a 5 minute action item. Ask yourself what is one thing that you could change right now to get you closer to your goal.

Comparison is the thief of joy -Theodore Roosevelt